CASE EXERCISE OVERVIEW                                                                                 CBTI (Original) Format

Title: A Chemical Release in New Jersey
Author: Patricia L. Fleming, PhD, MS
Author Contact Info : UMDNJ-NJ Medical School, Dept of Preventive Medicine & Community Health, MSB F508B, Newark NJ 07101-1709; (973) 972-4528;
Date: May 2006
Target Audience: Physician
Time Required: 3 hours
Format: Tabletop
Copyrighted Original Case: YES
Link To Copyright Statement:
Publisher/Source: UMDNJ-NJ Medical School, Case-Based Training Institute
Attribution: Robert Mullan, MD: A Release of Sarin Gas in Newark, NJ

  • Chemical

  • Chem attack: nerve agent

  • Recognize and assess the level of threat in the immediate environment.
  • Institute action to contain and mitigate the threat.
  • Meet acute patient care needs in the event of a BCRNE or other traumatic event.
  • Describe the chain of command in an emergency situation.
  • Undertake his/her functional role in a community or other local coordinated response plan.
  • Identify and procure appropriate supplies and equipment to enable protection of self and subordinates, treatment of patients and mitigation of the threat.
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary simulations and drills at the local/community level.

  • Identify situations, exposures, and health outcomes of a possible CBRNE event.
  • Describe one's professional roles, functions and responsibilities in CBRNE and other public health situations (i.e. one's personal role in this system/NIMS/NRP).
  • Define the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS), National Response Plan (NRP) and describe their general structure and components. (ICS 100 or equivalent)
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of local, state and federal public health planning and response agencies (e.g.: state health and homeland security departments, CDC, NIH, FEMA, etc).
  • Describe one's role in the local, community and statewide public health emergency response system.

  • NIMS: Accountability
  • NIMS: Flexibility/Adaptability
  • NIMS: Interoperability/Compatibility
  • NIMS: Scalability
  • NIMS: Standardization
  • NIMS: Unification
  • ICS: Command & Management
  • ICS: Common Terminology
  • ICS: Incident Action Planning
  • ICS: Manageable Span of Control
  • ICS: Measurable Objectives
  • ICS: Modular Organization
  • ICS: Multi-Agency Coordination
  • ICS: Resource Management
  • NRP: All-Hazards Preparedness
  • NRP: Generation of Corrective Action Plans/AARs/LLs
  • NRP: Incident Management at Lowest Possible Level
  • NRP: Preparation
  • NRP: Recovery & Mitigation
  • NRP: Response

  • CBRNE Detection
  • Epidemiological Surveillance and Investigation
  • Mass Care (Sheltering, Feeding, and Related Services)
  • Mass Prophylaxis
  • Medical Supplies Management and Distribution
  • Medical Surge
  • Public Health Laboratory Testing
  • Triage and Pre-Hospital Treatment
  • WMD/Hazardous Materials Response and Decontamination